Never Forget Search Intent

This is a very quick, simple and to the point post that is going to be a point of reference to myself more than anybody and I will be growing more and more as the team and I dive more into the migration of SEO content being the basis of good marketing and sales copy that potential customers want to interact with.
I do have to give an amazing shout out to Rand for brining this up all the way back in 2007 with his Segmenting Search Intent – it has significantly grown since then but the core fundamentals are always going to be the same.


Explanation: Question-based searches looking for information or answers
Keywords: Generic Keywords, What is, How to, Best way to, Ways to, I need to, Where can, Who is, What does, Details
Intent Opportunities: Pull searcher away from destination; get ancillary or investigatory traffic
Average Value: Generally Low


Explanation: Direct searches for a specific brand, company, website, person, etc
Keywords: Branded searches (brand-name goods), Login, Website, Profile, Company, Australia, Free, Torrent, Download, Watch,
Intent Opportunities: Brand searchers with positive impression of your site, information, company, etc; Attract inbound links; Receive attention from journalists/researchers; Potentially convert to sign-up or purchase
Average Value: Middling


Explanation: Searches that may lead to a future purchase (Mix of ‘informational’ and ‘transactional’)
Keywords: Specific products / model, Product categories, Affordable, Best, Cheapest, Comparisons, Reviews, Top
Intent Opportunities: Convert to member/sign-up; Sway purchase decision; Collect email; Get user feedback/participation
Average Value: High


Explanation: Searches with the intent to convert or buy
Keywords: Buy, Discount(s), Deal(s), Coupon(s), Free shipping, Online, Sign-Up, Purchase, Contact, Subscribe, Quotes, Online, For Sale,
Intent Opportunities: Achieve transaction (financial, lead or other)
Average Value: Very High

1 Comment Never Forget Search Intent

  1. Sase Antic

    As you said at the beginning of the article – simple, but full of useful tips content.
    Thanks for breaking the search intent into few segments!


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