2014 Annual Review

At the end of each year, I attempt to write a short evaluation of everything that occurred – Whether I have achieved the goals that I set out to accomplish, what goals I just missed as well as others that completely fall short and create the major goals for the year after. A lot of people are unaware of exactly what I do, how I do it and why – so, this year I thought I would become more transparent, not for egotism but for accountability. If everyone is asking how the goals are going for the year – having an update is mandatory to avoid embarrassment and to not become a dreamer but a do’er.


Yearly goals for me are typically filtered into 3 core areas of life that I feel are the most important: Business, Fitness and Travel (I have thought about adding a 4th, being ‘Social’ – however, this does filter into ‘Travel’ for me and a 5th, being ‘Education’ but education regularly fits into ‘Business’ because it helps overcome issues that were never pre-planned. However, for 2015, these segments have been changed)


The format of my 2014 End of Year Review is as follows:
  1. Did I achieve my 2014 Goals?
  2. What went great in 2014?
  3. What did not go so well in 2014?
  4. Goals for 2015?

Did I achieve my 2014 Goals?


Goal: Work only 40 hours a week and build businesses that do not require me day-to-day

Achieved? Yes (for the first half of the year), however, my business goals did change.

What Happened? It is rare that my goals change, especially in the middle of the year (July 2014 – when I spent almost 3 months in Australia). As I started to realise that I was living the life I originally set out to do, it dawned on me that it was not as ‘fulfilling’ as I had of hoped. So, began a complete evaluation of what I want to achieve in my business endeavours (and life). Starting of will looking at different types of Entrepreneurs that I admire, evaluating everything from: what they do day to day, their lifestyle, the imprint they have on society and their influence. This ‘sole searching’ ultimately redirected what I wanted to achieve from building a ‘Lifestyle Business’ (which I had built towards for over 2 years) that will allow me to travel and live anywhere in the world – to business being fulfilling (larger teams, better community impact, etc) and not focused around me always needing to own 100% and instead owning portions of equity in businesses that share the same outcomes for legacy, ethics, community and (naturally) revenue. In turn, it also allows me to specifically work on what I enjoy / am good at and seek deeper knowledge in some core aspects to the businesses, instead of needing to know everything. (I will outline what these goals are in ‘Goals for 2015′)


Goal: Gym 5 day a week and Yoga 3 days a week

Achieved? No

What Happened? I travelled a bit too much (outlined below) and I travel VERY light – taking only carry on luggage where possible and this becomes harder to bring runners, sport shorts and singlets to go to the gyms within a hotel. Not only does this cut out weeks at a time of being able to focus on fitness, it also creates the need to rebuild the morning / night schedules upon returning to ‘Home Base’. Is this a cop-out? Yep! Any excuse for why I am not as fit as I used to be will do. But, the most important item is that I know what happened, the goal was not be dropped for 2015 and has instead become harder to achieve – as punishment. (I will publish my morning / night schedules at a later date)


Goal: 5 Countries

Achieved? No, 4 NEW Countries (6 if you include the Philippines and Australia)

What Happened? First off, lets list the countries that I travelled to: Macau (twice), Hong Kong (twice), Singapore (twice) and China (once). I travelled around the Philippines more in 2014 than I did in 2013, spent 3 months of the year in Australia and spent the last 6 months of the year focusing on knowledge acquisition for the new 2015 goals. In saying this, on average, I travelled to a different country almost every month of the whole year, which people can only dream about – so, I must be thankful even though I missed the goal.

What went great in 2014?


  • Merged one business with another (taking up too much time but was strategically merged into a new company – with shared equity)
  • Sold another business (customer support and product delivery were too complicated)
  • Acquired equity in 2 companies (negotiations for equity in the 3rd company continue in January 2015)
  • One side business more than doubled its revenue year on year (without any direct input from me)

Speaking / Advisory:

  • Started accepting appearances on podcasts, conferences and interviews
  • Successfully advised to 3, multi-million dollar companies (from a marketing, sales, processes, hierarchy, etc perspective)
  • Officially mentoring 3 entrepreneurs in their business endeavours and growth (unofficially mentored a couple of others)


  • Began to understand meditation and what it means to be in the ‘State of Zen’
  • Travelling was one of the greatest successes in 2014

What did not go well in 2014?


  • Decrease in recurring income and cash-on-hand with the merge of the most successful business (long-term growth goal outweighed the income it was receiving)
  • Growing the team too large, too quickly and without proper planning (created a lot of inefficiency in what was being delivered)
  • Not being proactive with business education and only learning when it was required


  • Gym: On average, completed only 2 gym sessions a week (not 5 a week)
  • Yoga was on and off all year and was primarily dependant on my personal headspace (not 3 a week)
  • Meditation: On average, completed only 0.5 meditation sessions a week (took this up half-way through the year, so was not a required goal)


  • Stopped learning Tagalog, Filipino Language (looking to start Spanish in 2015)
  • Handstands – Still can’t master them!

Goals for 2015?



  • Revenue: ‘xx’ Recurring Revenue per month (This is a hidden goal for each business)
  • Sales: ‘xx’ New Sales on average per month (This is a hidden goal for each business)
  • Processes: Scale each business to remove all but 20 hours a week reliance on me personally (Creates the ability to be pro-active and forward thinking – instead of reactive. It also allows the businesses to run and scale without me)



  • Gym: 4 Days on Average per week (4 main muscle groups) and record workouts
  • Yoga: 5 Days on Average per week
  • Meditation: 5 Days on Average per week



  • Spanish: 3 Lessons on Average per week
  • Reading: 1 Book read on Average per month (business, personal improvement, motivation, etc)
  • Travel: 5 Countries (2 must be New Countries)

NOTE: 2014 Goals of ‘Travel’ has changed into ‘Personal’ for 2015.


Twice a day – every day, I repeat the above goals to myself as well as write them down. Having written goals consistently for a consecutive month towards the end of 2014, I am 100% convinced that it pushes you to re-evaluate everything done in a given day to ensure that you are hitting what you want to do. (It does NOT mean you can just ‘think’ about the goal and it will become successful – you still need to take action!)


6 Comments 2014 Annual Review

  1. JP

    I like posts like these man. Couple of questions:

    Why switch from Talagog to Spanish?
    Why a handstand and why is it not a 2015 goal?
    I’d be interested to hear more about your speaking gigs, how you handle them etc..

    All in all good job bro!

    1. Grant Merriel

      No problems at all my mate, here’s some quick responses.
      – Spanish: Good ‘foundational’ language for Portuguese, Bisaya, Tagalog, etc (yep, your Portuguese conversations pulled that card!)
      – Handstands: Just a personal challenge but creates a lot of benefits for strength, co-ordination and balance (it is in 2015 but merged in with the end of Yoga sessions now)
      – Speaking: Yea man, more than happy to jump into them in a bit more depth. I am fortunate to talk about topics I know a lot about and so not much planning is needed when talking about ‘your expertise’ (eg, SEO or processes)

    1. Grant Merriel

      Thanks Louie, you are going awesome with your content!

      Love the 2015 plans article mate (shot you a comment on it, which might help) – keep on killing it bud!


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