Hey, I'm
A business owner, investor and husband living in Melbourne, Australia
Hey, I'm
A business owner, investor and husband living in Melbourne, Australia

What I’m Currently Working On

Learn the complete set of skills you need to build wealth inside and outside of your business.
Get access to the strategies, tactics and tools to become a successful property investor.
Helping businesses grow through paid ads. We elevate your advertising efforts to drive real results.
Providing mortgage strategies tailored to best suit your unique financial situation.

Investments & Boards I am in

An enterprise project management platform that predicts, automates & guides all of your projects to success.
A dental stock ordering and management system that is fast, simple and cost-effective.

Business Is a Game.

Are You Playing to Win
or Playing Not to Lose?

My Journey So Far

2003 - Mobile DJ & Entertainment

A DJ and entertainment business that I started at age 16

I would convince my brothers, friends and family to drive the equipment, myself and my co-founder to parties.

We mostly did 18th and 21st birthday parties and family events

This was my first ‘real’ glimpse into business

Key takeaway: Spending too much money on equipment and not charging enough in return creates frustration and ultimately closes businesses.

2007 - University (Mastering in Entrepreneurship)

3 years of education to learn how to be a business owner.

Yep, that’s right – I have a university certificate that says I’m an Entrepreneur

Over the years, I have partnered in business with past tutors, seen peers build billion dollar businesses and we have helped each other whenever necessary.

Key takeaway: The strength and quality of your network defines the ability for you to succeed in business.

2009 - Online Edge

Digital marketing services for Australian business owners – specialising in SEO

Had a team of 25 delivering various services to clients and I was a regular guest and speaker through Asia and Australia on digital marketing.

We also ended up building our own Ecommerce stores and software in the endless pursuit of efficiency and systemisation

Key takeaway: Every new business must focus on sales and marketing, not on refining the product or perfecting operations/systems.

2015 - Focus HQ (current: board position)

Built a project management software (SaaS) that is used by Enterprise organisations.

I got to fly around Australia and the world working with executives of billion dollar companies and help them execute portfolios of projects that impact share prices and profitability.

Focus HQ now operates with offices in Australia, Singapore, UK and the United States and has an incredible leadership team at its helm.

Key takeaway: Transparent insights into the progress, data and status of any activity in a business defines the control and results it can produce.

2020 - Invedent (current: board position)

Built a stock ordering and management software (SaaS) that is used by Australian dental practices.

Applying all my lessons of building Focus HQ, Invedent was my chance to prove the success was not luck.

Invedent is now respected as one of the top dental inventory platforms in Australia and is partnered with various Australian Dental Association branches.

Key takeaway: Having a positive reputation from customers, suppliers and partners is non-negotiable, especially in a small industry.

2021 - Valher Media (current)

Strategic paid advertising tailored to the unique needs of each business.

After moving to the board of Focus HQ, I was looking for the next opportunity to sink my teeth into.

That’s when Charley and I joined forces on Valher Media.

We help businesses break through growth ceilings, decrease lead costs, and get higher quality leads in order to scale.

Key takeaway: Every problem is just a gap that needs to be filled. Fill that gap and watch magic happen.

2021 - Business & Investing (current)

Podcast that provides the complete set of skills you need to build wealth inside and outside of your business.

Charley and I were always talking about ways to use business profits to create personal financial independence.

The more we spoke about it, the more others wanted in on the conversations – so, we decided to hit record and publish them.

Key takeaway: Never rely on selling your business for retirement, think about how you can generate wealth outside of your business now.

2022 - Property & Investing (current)

Providing strategies, tactics and tools for Australians to become successful property investors.

Charley and I share the property journey we are on and record the conversations that we are having with specialists in the industry.

Key takeaway: Investing is no different to business, you need to focus on one business model and master it.

Successful Exits

Protecting enterprise assets and investments that sits below the waterline.
A beautiful boutique office for your business’ permanent address and flexible office use.
E-Commerce store that sells chicken coops and cages direct to Australians.
Developing the leadership skills of the individuals who make up your leadership team.

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